Thursday, January 16, 2020

Burda 01 / 2020 Blouse #112

My sewing mojo is back and I've made three more clothing items since I finished the plaid tunic in December! At the beginning of January I bought the new Burda and I was truly smitten with it - I've made two of the patterns there and there are at least two more patterns I want to try. The first make was the hooded shirt #107, which I made for Gaby. She loved it and wore it last Sunday, but I still don't have modelled pictures of it, so today I'm showing my second make - blouse # 112, which is one of the sewing lessons in the magazine.

It is a fairly easy blouse with round neck with an opening at the back, grown sleeves and an interesting sleeve placket, which is the detail that makes the blouse. I cut the smallest 34 (xs) size and made some adjustments for smaller height - reduced a total of 5 cm from the length. The fabric is one of the pieces I was gifted by a friend, who works in the sewing industry. It is fairly stiff cotton and was not the right choice for this pattern, which calls for something fluid, like viscose, but I wanted very much to try the pattern and to use some of my stashed fabric.

I like a lot the detail on the sleeves and I would really like to try it again. However I did not like the entire design - the blouse was too voluminous, even on me, and I'm a 36, and probably because of my stiff fabric, it sat very shapeless on me. I tried to correct it, undoing the french seams on the sides and taking it in quite a lot - probably with a total of 15 cm. Maybe I should have gone for darts, but I thought they would ruin the stripes of the blouse.

Anyway, I consider the blouse a failure and I don't like the fit, nor the color. But it was a pure pleasure to cut and sew it, so I don't regret the time I spent on it at all - after all my friend gifted me these fabrics to exercise my sewing skills and this was just what I did.

And I learned a few new things from the sewing tutorial, so it was not a total waste. Because of the sleeves, which I really love, I am even tempted to try the pattern in viscose and with darts, to see if the right fabric will make a difference.

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