Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Laundry Day Tunic

I'm so proud of my new tunic, made out of 94 cm of knit fabric. The pattern is Laundry Day Tee by Love Notions, a free pattern for members of their FB group and I believe very popular among sewists worldwide. The pattern is so professionally made, that I couldn't recommend it enough - it has layers for the different sizes and the size range is very wide - from XS to 5X. The pages are no-trim - brilliant and so easy to connect, and there are versions of the elements of the pattern, so that combining different lengths, sleeves and necklines one could get quite different garments out of this one pattern.

I chose the XS size, as the pattern instructs you to chose according to your bust size; tunic length, round neckline and 3/4 sleeves. My modifications - I added cuffs to the sleeves and pockets. Gaby has a similar RTW knit dress with pockets and I was passionate I wanted pockets in my tunic too :)

My fabric is very soft medium weight knit with 60% stretch width-wise and almost 0% stretch length-wise - perfect for a dress and very easy to sew.

As I had very little quantity of fabric, I decided to compromise in order to be able to have sleeves and pockets - I made the back with a seam. In the original both the front and the back are seamless, but that would have meant that I wouldn't have been able to harvest the sleeves from the remaining fabric. As my selvedges were very neat and narrow, it was easy to sew them together and I didn't even had to zigzag them.
I'm truly pleased with this little tunic and I've already bought two more knit fabrics for more knit tunics and dresses.

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  1. This looks very cozy. I'm reminded of the babydoll dress style.