Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Düsseldorf Aran - The Sleeves

I finished my Düsseldorf Aran sweater this morning - in less than ten days :). While it is still wet blocking, a few words on the modifications I made.
The designer Fiona Ellis is becoming one of my most favourite designers with her beautiful feminine intricately cabled sweaters - I want to knit at least two or three more of her designs. However, there were a few features of Düsseldorf Aran that I did not appreciate much when browsing through the Ravelry project pages for this sweater - the seed stitch edging and neckband, which I replaced with 2x2 rib, but most of all - the sleeves.
First - too loose and baggy for this delicate pattern and then the pleat, although very original, looked unsightly bumpy even on the magazine photos. So I changed the pattern of the pleat, replacing it with this fan-like feature:

Tips for the sleeve (size s). My gauge is the same as in the pattern, but on 4 mm needles.
1) Cast on 74 sts.
2) Knit (k2p2)4 (k2p8)4 (k2p2)4 k2 for 4 rows
3) Continue 14 sts in St st, p2, (k2, p2tog, p7)4 times k2 p2, 14 sts in St st
4) Decrease 1 purl st in the four pleats every 4th row until 2 sts remain.
5) Knit 14 sts in St st, (p2k2)5 times, p2, 14 sts in St st. for 4 rows (50 sts)
6) Continue with row 1 of the cable chart, keeping the knit stitches as knit and the purl stitches as purl. For this purpose you have to cross twice two couples of knits and purls, always crossing the purls behind the knits. For the central 4-st cable increase two stitches in the 2 knit stitch column to form the four-stitch cable.

Continue to knit in pattern, meanwhile increasing 1 st on every side of the sleeve every 20th row for a total of 4 times (60 sts).

Decrease every other row 1x3 sts, 1 x 2 sts, 2 x 1 st, every 4th row 6 x 1 st, every other row 1 x 1 st, 1 x 2 sts, 1 x 3 sts. Cast off the remaining sts.

The I-cords: Pick up 4 sts at the base of the crossing 2-stitch-knit columns - one stitch from the purl column, 2 stitches from the two knit-stitch-column and one stitch from the purl column. Knit a 25 cm I-cord.

Thus the I-cord piece looks like a continuation of the cable of the sleeve. Knit a symmetrical I-cord at the other side of the cable pattern.

Tie the I-cords into a butterfly:

P.S. Can you believe that the actual color of the sweater is dark pine green?! The wretched camera is absolutely color blind, drives me mad :))


  1. So beautiful. Dark pine green? Are you kidding? I can't believe it but of course I do believe you.

  2. Oh wow! This looks so challenging. You are truly an advanced knitter and love how you rebel by making your own modifications.

  3. Gorgeous sweater!! The pattern looks so difficult.

    Here's my WIP:

  4. Really interesting pattern :) And the colour in the photos is gorgeous (I'm sure live it's gorgeous too :>) This sweater will be great and original

  5. Such gorgeous cables - I can't wait to see this on you!