Saturday, November 9, 2013

Quince Picking

Just a few pictures from this past Sunday outing to a friends' country house. The quinces were just ripe, so we gathered a crate. We are not very keen on eating fresh quinces, but they are quite delicious in the form of compote or jam.

The house is in the Lyulin mountain, so Gabi and I went for a walk in the fields around and gathered some rose hips and hawthorn berries too for fresh berry tea.

When picked carefully, quinces can last for quite a long time, so I'll have fresh quinces at hand for quince compote for at least two or three months. These beauties are destined to be the victims of today's dessert :)))


    Mi smo susedi, ako se ne varam, možda vam ovo da ideju kako da još iskoristite te divne dunje ;) Prijatno

  2. Красивые айва)))У нас же айва не созревает:она крепкая как камень и на вкус горькая,вяжущая...

  3. I believe I've never had quinces. What do they taste like? Figs?

    1. Quinces are from the apple family, so they are more close to apples and pears, but much more astringent and very stiff. But stewed they are very aromatic and soft.