Friday, January 12, 2024

Flared Jeans Burda 7050

So, finally, a photosession of my flared jeans. I should confess I really struggled with these and I am not at all happy with the fit. I made a muslin and I did some corrections to the pattern that the muslin indicated - I added 2 cm to the back rise to take into account my fuller seat and I also  made a -1 cm correction for low seat, which was supposed to take care of the back horizontal pleats. However, they are even more pronounced now, so I'm not so sure about that correction.

Although I am more a 36 than a 34 Burda size, I've noticed that their pants run big on me, so I made the 34 size and even it is a bit big on me. I took in the waist by some 6 cm and I like how the pants fit my back seat. I only wish I had cut the waist band on the length and not on the width, as my denim is very stretchy on the width and the band stretched when I topstitched it.

Size: 34, shortened - 9 cm, corrections for low seat and full seat
Fabric: denim with lycra
Time to make: 10 days

I like the decorations I did on the back pockets, these are my own addition. I believe I saw something similar on Pinterest.

The fit at the front is passable, but at the back of the legs there are so many different pleats :( I redid the inner seam three times, but I couldn't figure a way to get rid of them.

There is something going around the knees, but despite all the fitting videos I watched on Youtube, I still have no idea what is wrong with the fit and why there is so much crunched fabric around my knees, back and front.

I left the jeans unhemmed, I intend to wear them and wash them at least a couple of times, before I finally hem them, I don't want them too short.

I bought a new piece of light denim fabric and I want a pair of flared jeans for the summer. It would be better if I could figure how to make these fit me better, but even if I don't, I think I can live with what I've succeeded so far. These will definitely get a lot of wear.

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