Friday, June 23, 2023

Grey Shorts

I had a very big piece of light grey French terry, which I had bought for a set of joggers and hoodie for husband. And as it happens often, when I cut big pieces of fabric, I am often left with large scraps and my hands itch to make something extra from the left overs. 

The first that came to mind was a pair of shorts for myself. Two years ago I sewed two pairs of shorts and I gifted them both to Gaby, as she wanted something to wear at home during the summer months. I don't know if she does wear them, but I decided that I want a pair for myself as well.

The pattern is the same Burda 118 from 06/2021 I used for the previous two pairs, but with a slight modification - I decided to replace the original in-seam pockets with pockets with a slanted opening.

Pattern: Burda #118 06/2021 + Burda easy # 5 01/2019
Size: 34
Fabric: cotton French Terry
Time to make: in the course of a week

The shorts came out well, they are light and comfy and go especially well with this green Henley blouse, as I used some fabric scraps from it to add color to the pocket openings.

However, again and again, I am struck by the realization, that this is not really my style of leg-wear and next time I have some shorts-worth scraps of fabric, I will definitely try a different pattern.

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