Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Grey "Page" Hoodie

I made an almost zero cost hoodie for myself :)

After I sewed husband's grey joggers and hoodie, I was left with pretty big remnants of sweatshirt fleece and I began planning something, probably a hoodie for myself. Then I watched the January Live Sewalong on Stitched Up channel and I was smitten by the Page Hoodie Rachel made for herself in no time (she's an absolutely amazing fast seamstress!).

As much as I was tempted by the pattern, alas, that price is incomparable to standard of living in my country, not for a hoodie, anyway. I went through my Burda patterns and found one that was reasonably close - # 103 from Burdastyle 01 / 2017.

I cut the pattern for the hoodie, but at the cutting line for the blouse (#102), which uses the same line drawings and rounded the hem. I also reduced significantly the width of the parts of the hoodie, as they were designed for a rather oversized garment, and I wanted mine only moderately wide.

For the lining of the hood I selected several large remnants of wine ITY from a blouse I made for myself in 2020, I think the wine color goes perfectly with the dark grey. The stripes on the sleeves were a feature out of necessity - I didn't have enough long pieces of fabric for the sleeves, so I had to make the sleeves out of two pieces each, so one of the stripes covers the connecting seams and the other is for balance.

Once I had put stripes on the sleeves, it occurred to me to add stripes to the hem too. I loved the view of the Page hoodie Rachel made - with the string at the bottom instead of a ribbed hem and I decided to make mine like hers. However, to reduce the bulk and ensure nice curving, I cut a separate mirror piece of the hem, which is attached to the bottom of the body and contains the string.

Size: 36, modified
Fabric: sweatshirt fleece, ITY lining
Time to make: one week

I tried a new technique on this hoodie - I covered the seam between the hood and the body with a cotton band (the same I am also using as a string) and it came out really well, giving it a nice professional finish.

All in all, I am happy with my new make, it is warm and practical and will get a lot of wear this winter. On to my next project :)

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