Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Sabrina Slims II

Encouraged by my first pair of Sabrina Slims, I quickly bought a new piece of fabric and made my second pair - my new hiking pants.

The fabric is ponte again, a bit thinner than the one for the previous pair of Sabrina Slims.

My corrections and modifications:

I kept all the corrections from my first pair - I took in the back by 2 inches and shortened the waist band by 3 inches (!). I also made a high rise correction by 1 cm only to the front of the pants, a flat pubis correction by 1 cm and lowered the front rise by additional 1.5 cm, thus lowering the front rise by a total of 3.5 cm. Finally I feel the pants fit me comfortably at the waist!

Again I added two pockets at the back, mostly just for interest, not so much for functionality; I made the legs full length and straightened the width of the legs from the knee down. Although the pants are very elastic and feel very comfortable, I should probably widen slightly the legs next time, to try to avoid the horizontal crease lines at the back.

Size: 0 with corrections
Fabric: ponte, 100% polyesther
Time to make: 1 day

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