Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Burda Pattern Binge

Although during the last couple of years I amassed a small collection of BurdaStyle magazines, I'm more and more into pdf patterns and I find them much easier and pleasanter to work with. Last week there was a big sale on the Russian Burda site and I binged on BurdaStyle pdf patterns - some are from the magazines and others from the Burda catalogues. Because all of these patterns are for the Russian market, they come with translations in Russian, which works for me. (As I've mentioned before, the paper Burda magazines sold in Bulgaria are only in the original German language, which is a bummer for me). Some of the instructions I had to read four times until I got the meaning, as I'm not well familiar with the Russian sewing lingo, yet, but I'm getting there! I'm almost certain I'm not going to sew all of them, but here's the collection I gathered:

  • Burda 6252 - a mini skirt for Gaby, I have some suitable fabric in my stash in mind.

  • Skirt #115 from Burda 04/2020 - I want to make this for myself sooner rather than later in some viscose twill

  • Burda 6527 - I would make view A for Gaby in cotton and I plan view B for myself in a  black viscose similar to the illustration

  • Blouse #120 from Burda 02/2018 - no idea when and if I'll make it, but it seems interesting
  • Viscose top Burda 6231. I plan to make it for this summer, I have some beautiful red viscose
  • Tailored Raglan T-shirt Burda 6202. Gaby would like that.
  • An interesting top #106 from the latest Burda 06/2020. For Gaby probably.

I got quite a few of jeans-like patterns, hoping at least some will fit well

  • Cargo pants # 120 from Burdastyle 08 / 2019
  • Pants Burda 6534

  • Skinny Jeans #129 from Burda 02 / 2014

  •  High waist jeans #119 from Burda 03 / 2020

  • Jeans #120 from Burda 04 / 2010

  • Pants # 113 from Burda 08/2017. I absolutely love this pattern, which is in the petite size, and I bought the jacket that goes with it too


  • Jacket # 117 from Burda 08/2017.
  • Jacket Burda 6337. I plan this with a hood (it comes with the pattern) and a zipper from some quality fleece fabric for our hiking adventures, some day.

  • Jacket Burda 6289. I wish so much that I would have the ability to sew this one day soon.

  • Denim Jacket #13 from Knip Mode 02 / 2020. My first pattern from KnipMode, I'll be curious to try it one day and I've been eyeing denim style jackets all spring long. It also comes with a translation in Russian.


I bought three men's patterns too - there isn't much choice of men's patterns out there and I did need a new shirt pattern, as I was not very happy with the one I got last year - Burda 6874.

  • Shirt #143 from Burda 06 / 2016. To my surprise this pdf pattern actually comes in three versions - short sleeves, long sleeves and a sort of hoody. I already sewed this one for my husband and it fits him beautifully and I'm in the process of making a second one.

  •  Men's shorts # 137 from Burda 04 / 2016

  • Men's Cargo Pants from KnipMode 05 / 2020.


  1. Have you tried Loads of very inexpensive (some free) patterns - tailored to your measurements. I've heard good things, but haven't bought there as yet. I think there's a Russian version of the site with even more patterns.

    For men's patterns, I was just recommended Thread Theory by a blogging friend - I bought one of their pants patterns yesterday and plan to try it out this weekend. Will let you know how it goes!

    1. Thank you for pointing me to !!! I just ordered their free women's pants to check how it works and I'm keeping an eye on your blog for the men's pants :)