Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Plana in November, 2019

Peak Manastirishte on Plana - a trail we never get tired of climbing, may be because it is so easy and scenic and incredibly beautiful in autumn. After a few cold and rainy days the amazingly warm and sunny weather is back - this must be one of the most gorgeous autumns we've enjoyed this last decade. I'm out walking in the park almost all the time I can spare from work and other chores  - there is something about warm weather in late autumn, undoubtedly the feeling that it is about to end and true winter to step in any minute, that makes one want to grab as much of the warmth and sunshine that one can while it lasts. I have no sewing projects to show and very little progress on my knitting - for me this autumn is all about travel, hiking, reading and music.

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