Friday, November 30, 2018

Burda 6849 Striped Shirt

This is the third shirt I sewed from the Burda 6849 pattern and this one is for me. The color - dark stripes, is so out of my comfort zone, that everyone was (unpleasantly) surprised I had picked it out of the sea of fabric in the shop, but I was curious and tempted to have something different in my wardrobe. And I truly like it. My only concern is that the fabric seems prone to wrinkling. I ironed the shirt just before going out to take a few pictures of it in front of our building and was unpleasantly surprised to see the shirt was all wrinkled on the photos. And yes, we had our first snow in the city and it has been quite cold this week, well below 0C.

I sewed the shirt with my now usual modifications - added arrow patches to the sleeves, shortened to reflect my small stature, flat felled seams. I also played with direction of the stripes a little to add some interest to the shirt.

I bought one more piece of fabric - thick plaid cotton lumberjack style, which I intend to turn into a tunic length shirt for me. Sewing is a bit addictive :)


  1. Great job on this shirt. I like how its neutral and how you can wear it under your handknit sweaters.

  2. Wow! Great job - looks very professional!

    Definitely much quicker to sew a garment than knit one!