Saturday, December 9, 2017

In the Lozen Mountain, Pancharevo Lake

A very refreshing hike in one of the low mountains near Sofia - Lozen. We found a GPS track for a 12.6 km circular route - just perfect for one of the last snowless and sunny weekends of the year.
The track starts and finishes at the wall of Pancharevo Dam, gradually ascends to Zdravchov kamak peak and steeply descends to Kokalyane village and along the Pancharevo lake returns to the wall of the dam.

 A map of the route


  1. I like that path through the trees. Thank you for your sweet comments today. I chose this skein b/c it reminded me of watermelons and I think I had started it during the summer. I'm glad someone pointed out it would also pass for Christmas colors as I've been itching to cast on another sock but didn't want to have two such WIP's on the needles. I'm getting my priorities straight and will wait til the 24th as this chemo hat is numero uno.

  2. Really beautiful!

    You inspire me to get out there - must do some hikes over the Christmas break.