Monday, December 25, 2017

I Built a Radio

Sometime ago the wonderful carol from posted about her first soldering project and I thought it such a splendid idea for me to try. The funny thing is that my husband is a die-hard DIY computer and electronics enthusiast and we have all one needs to do some amateur soldering, but I had never thought of it as something I might be good at or find interesting. Now I wonder how I could have been such a blinkered horse, soldering turned out easy and FUN!
For my first project husband recommended a ready-to-make kit, including the board, the required elements, a case and antenna - the final product looks like the real thing. And it works - I couldn't believe it when I put in the batteries and it went live :) It even has an alarm clock, which turns on the radio and a jack for earphones. I'm ready for more soldering!!!

: Мy work station

: First I soldered the low elements - resistors and capacitors

: The beds for the ICs were tricky

: Connecting the screen to the board

 : Adding the speaker

: These neat drops of solder tin and flux!

: And in the end everything went into the neat case. It has a built-in speaker or one can listen to it using earphones. I plan to listen to MY radio while working in the kitchen.


  1. I'm so happy to have inspired you!

    Great job! Your radio looks wonderful and your joints really neat - I definitely agree on the tricksiness of those ICs. I love that your kit has a built in clock and headphone jack - makes it very functional.

    Really, isn't this the best fun? What's next?

    1. Thank you! I still haven't decided what next, but it'll be a kit too, much easier for a beginner.