Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Short Hike Near Zheleznitza

This past week was unusually warm - spring in December with 17C today in Sofia, so we had to have at least a short hike today, even though husband has to work this Saturday afternoon. We chose Plana mountain near the village of Zheleznitza, as it is quite near to out residential area, only some 30 min car ride from home. We have a new tourist map, containing most of the hiking trails in Bulgaria, installed in the GPS and I had an idea for a short circular hike near the village. It turned out the circular trail was not what I had imagined, but we still managed to have a good 7 km exercise in the warm, though windy morning. Next step - we'll have to learn how to plan and record in advance GPS tracks, following the trails on the map.

::Compared  to Vitosha, Plana is very low, but it's still a mountain

 :: and there's climbing :)

:: We had to cross this small, but full river twice without a bridge, walking on fallen trees. Pretty Tarzan like :)

:A whirlwind of leaves

::Blue tit feasting on late apples in Zheleznitza


  1. Последни дни на есента, а е толкова красиво!

  2. Wow! It's December? Looks like fall on these photos! The seasons are definitely shifting... Beautiful hike, as always!