Sunday, July 24, 2016

Vitosha, Yarema

Yesterday we decided to explore a less popular part of Vitosha - the southwestern slopes, starting from a place called Yarema up to the ridge between two of the southern peaks of Vitosha - Siva Gramada and Charoleya.

It was very hot and lonely - we were the only hikers along this path. The wild raspberries are already ripe.

The path goes slowly up and up through meadows and mixed forests until it suddenly disappears here in this valley, which is the divisive point between Siva Gramada Peak (in the center of the picture) and Charoleya peak. We hiked further some 100 meters through the grass and shrubs, but without a path climbing some of the peaks seemed a rather difficult and unpleasant job, so we had our lunch and headed back.

On our way back we picked some raspberries and now we have a few jars of home-made wild raspberry jam. Gorgeous!

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