Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Refashioned Maternity Dress

A refashioning project that is almost sixteen years late :)

I sewed this maternity dress when I was pregnant with Gaby and wore it a lot during my last trimester - she was an August baby. Alex was a winter/spring baby, but I occasionally put it on at home as a pinafore over pullovers, when I was pregnant the second time.

Back then I must have been into high necklines and shallow armscyes, but now I prefer more room, so instead of just taking in the width, I unstitched the whole dress and cut out a new simple dress with identical front and back and wider neckline and armholes.

It's probably the simplest dress there is, but it's for home usage. Still, as I work from home and our summers are quite hot, it's important for me to have comfortable home clothes.

From the cuttings from the sides I made two bands to tie in the back and give the dress some shape.

Ta-da, a new dress :) I have no idea what this fabric is, probably synthetic crepe silk, but it's nice to the touch and does not crease - ideal for a domestic summer dress.

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