Sunday, May 17, 2015


This Saturday we visited Etropole, a small town in the Balkan mountains. We made a quick tour of the town, and hiked to Etropolski Monastery and the Varovitezt waterfalls. The hike was a bit last minute decision - we had planned to go in the opposite direction, to Borovetz, but the weather forecast threatened with rain and thunderstorms on Borovetz and only clouds in Etropole, so off we went to Etropole. I've never been here before and I found the small town charming and the mountains around - beautiful. Unfortunately, the hiking trails were unkempt, overgrown and unmarked, so we managed to hike only a small section near the Etropolski monastery and the waterfalls nearby. The green hills around looked so tempting, next time we'll be better prepared with maps and GPS tracks.

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  1. Everywhere is wonderfully heathy and green. I like how the buildings have color and their own personality.