Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dragalevtzi - Boyana Lake - Boyana Waterfalls and back

Today's hike was more of an afterthought rather than a plan - the children complained of too much homework for tomorrow and of muscle aches from previous activities, so husband and I decided to go alone somewhere near - a trail we've hiked several times - Dragalevtzi - Boyana lake.

After the snowy winter all Vitosha rivers are very full watered this spring. The Dragalevska river, usually a small stream, was wide and impetuous. 

The Dragalevtzi Monastery. We made a very short stop here and continued to Boyana lake.

The elm forests of Boyana region, freshly in leaf, are probably among my most favourite in spring.

Sofia valley down below:

It's a curious fact, but although the children are fitter than us, when husband and I hike alone, we usually cover bigger distances in shorter times. We reached our destination - the Boyana lake in less than an hour and a half. We didn't feel hungry or tired yet, so, after we rounded the lake, we decided to continue to Borova Skala (Pine's Rock) - a ridge over the valley of Petrovska river, a tributary to Boyana river, overlooking the TV tower.

We must be in very good shape, as we took the steep path to Pine's Rock in no time. The rumble of Boyana Waterfalls was already audible and the call was too strong to ignore - off we continued to the waterfalls.

The Petrovska river was so full watered that it had overflown its bed and running through a section of the hiking path too.

And the Boyana Waterfalls - I have never seen them so mighty and beautiful. Here we rested, had our lunch and headed back to Dragalevtzi. In the end this 5 hour hike turned to be one of our best hikes this year.

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