Saturday, March 7, 2015

WIP: Burgundy Cardigan

I finally finished knitting my husband's burgundy cardigan today! According to my Ravelry notes, this project took me longer than four months and included two complete backs - after I finished the back and the fronts and assembled them together, I didn't like the baggy look of the cardigan, so I ripped the back and reknitted it with 10 stitches less; three fronts - the first was too narrow; and four sleeves - the first two were simple stockinette but I then decided that cabled would be better. Crazy, right :)))

Meanwhile winter is back - and with a vengeance. It's been snowing steadily for three days now and this is the most snow we've had this year. And I thought spring was due ...

The color of the cardigan is not at all red, but dark burgundy, quite like the wine, with shades of brown and purplish. Currently I'm mattress stitching the sleeves and after I attach them to the body all I'll be left with would be to find suitable buttons. And maybe wet block the cardigan. I did steam block it, but I'm still considering wet blocking it nonetheless.


  1. Wow! You are my hero! What a determination and striving for perfection! Beautiful cardigan and the color is so rich and deep - makes a perfect contrast with snow.