Monday, March 30, 2015

Instead of WIP

Last week I meant to publish a WIP post about Gaby's cabled tunic. But then I went down with a virus and didn't feel like blogging. But I made a solid progress on the tunic - so much so that last night it was all blocked, sewn and finished - in just a couple of weeks. I knit it almost at one go and it is very much what I had expected it to be - for good and for bad.
The good thing - it looks as I imagined it and it fits Gaby like a glove. The latter even amazes me a bit, because Gaby was away for four days, taking part in the final round of the National Olympiad in Chemistry and I had to rely on my own measurements for the fitting.
The bad thing - I've used this same yarn for her Currant cardigan and I know that it is thick and when heavily cabled it produces warm but too bulky and raised garments - a feature my slim and delicate daughter does not particularly like. She does wear her Currant cardigan a lot, almost every day during the winter at home, but the tunic was meant for school and the choice of yarn was probably wrong. Actually I bought the yarn last year meaning to knit a cardigan for Alex too, but he shies away form my knitting - boys are so much more conservative than girls :)

Anyway spring is almost here, so the tunic will be stowed away until next cold season and we'll see then what kind of wear it will get. I plan to make a proper modeled photo session of the tunic at the end of the week, when Gaby returns from the other Olympiad she qualified for this year - in Biology.

Meanwhile I'll be sampling and casting on my second version of Windsor Cardi. I bought today a sweater worth of cotton yarn almost the same color as my failed attempt from last summer and I intend to make it into Windsor and then rip the first Windsor (the problem with it was, that the three skeins were dyed differently and it showed) and to knit a summer sweater or cardigan for me, alternating the skeins. I can't get enough of this lovely green color!


  1. Her cabled jumper is lovely. It's timeless and looks like a tunic from these pictures. This teal you're using is terrific.

  2. You are so fast! Incredible! I am in love with your new yarn, you know I am cotton addict!

  3. It's really beautiful - I hope she will end up wearing it!