Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kutina Pyramids

Yesterday husband and I went for a hike near the village of Kutina, some 20 km from Sofia, best known for the rock-formation Kutina Pyramids. Not long ago the pyramids were up to 30 m high and there was a well kept path for tourists for observing the pyramids. However the artificial lake which appeared at the base of the pyramids as a result of the mining activities in the region is destroying the sandstone formations quickly and has engulfed the path. What we found yesterday was an impassable bog, so we could observe only the nearest formation at the beginning of the path.

The other pyramids along the once existing path were barely visible from the slopes above the pyramids.

Kutina is located at the foot of the western Balkan Mountains, the Sofia Balkans and the area above the village provides numerous paths for hiking in the forests.

We went for a four hour hike along a wide cart track through pine woods. The area was very quiet, with some loud-voiced birds bringing the sensation of upcoming spring.

 An interesting lyre-like tree:

Soon after we passed the top of the hill the pine woods were displaced by oak forests.

The dog-wood is in bud. In a week or so the first trees in bloom will appear.

 And back down the hill through the pines:


  1. What a great way to spend the day with your honey.

  2. A gorgeous pine forest! I miss it! What a beautiful hike