Monday, October 6, 2014

Bosnek. Early Autumn

In a year of cold and rainy weather we've been lucky to have four rainless weekends in a row. This Sunday we went to Bosnek - an easy route, requiring little planning and research. We've been hiking Bosnek for three years in a row now and every time it's the same and still very different. The first time we found the track was in the long and warm autumn of 2012 and the place astonished us with its colors - bright orange and red leaves, blue sloes in unseen before amounts. Last year we went there in July and the place was a garden with wild flowers. This year in early autumn it was still green and there was an abundance of hawthorn, hips and cornel-cherries. But there were no sloes, none - the bushes were there, of course, plenty of them all along the way, but no fruit. I wonder why?

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  1. Love how hiking is a family affair. The turning colors are lovely. I don't think they're as vivid in our city.