Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wild Raspberry Jam

The woods of Osogovo mountain were abundant with raspberry shrubs and the wild berries were just ripe. On the morning after the big hike the children insisted on picking some of the berries for homemade raspberry jam. I was skeptical, but we actually managed to pick more than a kilogram of berries just skimming a few shrubs.

The berries are small and somewhat sour, but very aromatic.

For this jam I used a very popular method of preparation:
1 kg raspberries
1 kg sugar
1 tsp of citric acid

Place the raspberries in a deep cooking pan and cover with sugar. Leave for 12+ hours in the refrigerator.
The sugar will melt and the raspberries will let out some of their juice. Add one cup of water and boil at low temperature until the jam thickens. Add a teaspoon of lemon acid and cook for additional 2-3 min. Pour hot jam into jars and seal.

I fill the jars with hot jam and then turn them upside down to cool. This picture was taken right after the jars had cooled and you can see the small pockets of air at the bottom, as the jam has not dropped down yet.

Today's breakfast - pancakes with raspberry jam. Yummy! I'm not exaggerating - the first bite transferred me immediately back to Osogovo, this jam is so fragrant!

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  1. How cool to be able to pick wild berries and then make jam.