Friday, April 11, 2014

Black & Gold

Just to say hi! I'm here, occupied with the usual - children, work, house :)
I've resumed knitting the cotton/viscose summer sweater I started last autumn, inspired by Gaby's black Camellia. The process is very slow on 3 mm needles, the splity viscose thread makes the yarn difficult to work with. But I like the result so far and I'm almost finished, half way through the second sleeve.

And though if you ask me I would claim that I don't like black much, I've bought a new sweater worth of black cotton. I've been meaning to knit for Gaby a little black cotton cardi for school, so far I've got my eye on this interesting pattern from Verena 01 2014:

After which I think I'll knit this latest Vogue Knitting pattern, I'm totally smitten with this summer cardi:

And on another front, I can't help myself but tell you how proud we all are with our clever girl - not only did she reach the final round of the National Olympiad in Biology - she won the first place in the junior group! That's really, really huge - ranking first among students from all over the country, most of which study Biology as a major subject (her majors are Mathematics and Programming). Regretfully I don't have pictures from the Olympiad and the prize award ceremony, which was held in Momchilgrad.

Just a picture from the site of her school, with her teachers and other participants from her school in the final round of the Olympiad:


  1. Ho'omaka'i to your smart and beautiful daughter; she go! I really like that first cardigan. It's vintage modern.

  2. Congratulations to your clever daughter! I love all three designs, the one you are working on looks really chic; and the other two you have planned are adorable! The lavender one looks complicated, but so pretty!

  3. Congratulation to your nice daughter,
    Félicitations, tu dois être très fière de ta fille. C'est une chance d'avoir une fille aussi intelligente !!!
    Cordialement Tinki.

  4. Congratulations to your lovely Daughter, you must be so very proud.
    The grey Cardi looks fab