Saturday, September 28, 2013

Camelia Sweater

Last autumn I knitted two Kim Hargreaves' Camelia hats in a self-drafted slouchy version. Gaby's hat was knit in a black cotton-viscose yarn, which I've bitched about ever since I tried knitting with it two years ago. But I've written about the limited yarn choices around and, despite the nightmare of a knitting process this yarn is, the knitting it produced for Gaby's hat is very light and drapey and I kept imagining it in the form of a late summer / early autumn sweater. So some three days ago I cast on Camelia sweater. I took the initial design, which is a clever play with the basics - knit, purl, k2tog and yo over 48 rows and doubled it along the same lines to 96 rows. According to my preliminary estimate I'll need two repeats of the chart for the body parts.

The yarn is as intensely distressing as ever, splitting and tousling, but I'm knitting on in my ridiculous tradition to cast on a summer sweater in autumn. I suppose there's some obvious psychological explanation for it, a desire to hold on to the just ended summer, but it doesn't matter. And maybe I'll even wear this sweater soon. 

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