Monday, September 9, 2013

Timeless Greece

Hi, I'm back from our divine vacation in Greece. This year we were in Nikiti, Sithonia on Halkidiki. Perfect weather, perfect accommodation, too short vacation time. For me, no doubt, it was the most relaxing time I've ever had on a sea vacation.

:: My  spot on the beach

:: The sea in Nikiti is to the west, so we enjoyed beautiful sunsets over the sea.

:: The amazing turquoise waters of the Sithonia coves.

:: The sand of Coviou beach looked like brown sugar

:: The ruins of the old Basilica Sofronious, 5th century AD.
It was quite an adventure to find it :)

:: Sunset over Castri Hill.

:: Treasure hunting. The children dived and searched for seashells all the time.

:: A view of the entire village from high above.

:: A cormorant fed on the hundreds of small fish in the shallow waters quite fearlessly right next to us.

Greece, we love you! We'll back again next year!


  1. Beautiful pictures! The water is so clean and clear. I like how your umbrella was so colorful.

  2. Gorgeous! It really makes me miss the beaches of western Turkey, which are very similar. Maybe next year!

  3. кармела,какие виды!!!Молодцы.что хорошо отдахнули.греция красивая старна.Море там сказочное)))Это видно по твоим фотографиям)))

  4. Много красиво и спокойно място за един чудесен, запомнящ се летен отдих.