Monday, April 14, 2014


Two cooking experiments, conducted in our kitchen this past weekend, linked by a green leitmotif.
The first is Irish Cake. Gaby's English club had a big charity event - a food bazaar with traditional dishes from English speaking countries. Her group chose Ireland and Gaby and I tried our hand at a recipe for an Irish cake found on the Internet. It is quite different from my usual cake, without eggs and quite heavy on the whiskey :) We made three cakes - two for the bazaar and one for home, so the recipe is printed in my memory for long :))

The ingredients for one cake:
4 spoonfuls of softened butter (appr. 100 g)
200 g of powdered sugar
2 cups of flour
150 ml whiskey
125 ml milk
10 g of baking powder
half a cup of raisins

The result is a fluffy buttery cake with just a hint of whiskey - all that liqueur evaporates in the oven, so it's completely children-friendly. We all liked it, but I'm curious to try the recipe again, but this time replacing most of the whiskey with milk and adding only 50 ml of whiskey, soaking the raisins in the liqueur first.

The second dish is a variation of this risotto with nettles from an interesting blog I came upon recently.

OK, full disclosure - I'm not a fan of cooked greenery and while I can live on tomatoes and cheese forever, when it comes to cooked dishes - I prefer at least a hint of meat and the less green leaves the better. However hubby loves cooked green things, so I tried nettles.

The risotto came perfect, the finish with President Cooking Cream was a novelty in my kitchen and we loved it! I'll repeat the recipe soon, only this time I'll replace the nettles with chicken breasts :)))

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