Monday, October 7, 2013

Phone Case - Photo Tutorial

And before I knew it - I made another phone case. I'm on a roll, I want to make a few more of these :)))
Here's a picture heavy photo tutorial.

1) Measure the phone. If the width is x and the length is y, cut two rectangular pieces (x+4) by (y+2) for the back and front, one rectangular piece (x+4) by (y) for the front pocket, one small bottom piece (x+4) by (2.5 cm) and two rectangular pieces (x+3) by (y+3) for the flap. For the internal pocket and the lining: one piece (x+4) by (2*y) for the pocket and one piece (2*x+7) by (y+2) for the lining.

2) Add fusible to the bottom, front and back and one of the flap pieces:

3) Cut two corresponding velcro pieces 6 cm long and sew them to the front pocket and the flap piece.

4) Optional - add decorative seams to the front flap piece:

5) Place the two flap pieces facing each other and sew together. Trim the corners.

6) Turn the flap. You can use a crochet hook to form the corners.

7) Press and sew along the edge. The flap is ready.

8) Sew the bottom piece to the two front pieces:

9) Sew the zipper to the back piece. Place the internal pocket face down along the drawn line and sew along the line. Cut the back piece along the zipper edge.

10) Turn and sew on top:

11) Sew the lower part of the back piece and the internal pocket along the drawn line:

12) Turn and sew on top:

13) Sew the back piece to the other edge of the bottom piece:

14) Fix the zipper ends and cut the excess:

15) If the zipper is made of artificial fabric, burn carefully the cut edges with a lighter to prevent fraying:

16) Sew the edges of the internal pocket:

17) Sew the front and the back pieces together, add the flap:

18) Sew the lining and close the other edge:

19) Turn the case face out and close the lining:

20) Insert the lining and sew along the edge. The case is ready:

I made this case for my phone, mostly because I wanted to try a different zipper placement, as I never wear my phone on a belt or on a string, as the children do, and I don't need a string holder to it. Now I'm planning a lighter version of this case, without the pockets. Anyone in need of a phone case :)))) ?


  1. Wow, this is so intricate! Thanks for this tutorial - I have a hard time figuring these things out for myself!

  2. Great tutorial. What a terrific outcome.