Thursday, May 14, 2020

Flutter Sleeve Rhapsody Blouse

Last week I found a fabric remnant from Stoff & Stil and I grabbed it immediately for another Rhapsody blouse for Gaby. The fabric is woven viscose, only 85 cm but it was big enough for a blouse. I had been curious to try the flutter sleeve and this romantic print was just the perfect opportunity.

I made the usual modifications for Gaby - shortened the body 2 cm above the waist and 4 cm below the waist and this time I also raised the neckline by 1.5 cm, as the previous blouse was a bit gaping around her neck.

I had enough fabric for both yokes and as usual, I french seamed the blouse and burritoed the yoke.

The most difficult part of the sewing were probably the narrow hems on the sleeves, done without a narrow hem foot. The more I sew, the more I see the necessity of different feet for my machine, so I'll be placing an order for a set of feet soon.

The red cardigan in active use. The weather is perfect for it lately and Gaby has been wearing it a lot. It does have some fuzz though, especially around the midriff area. I tried cleaning it with a simple razor as per internet instructions, with no success, so maybe I need a gleener too? I cleaned it a bit by hand, but it is nowhere as smooth and fuzzless as it was three years ago.

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