Monday, May 11, 2020

Pchelina 2020

As usual, after the trail in Rudina mountain we drove to the village of Potsurnentsi and hiked to Pchelina dam, one of my most favourite places around. As could be expected, the place, as popular as it is, was crowded on the first sunny weekend after the fall of the lockdown measures, and some of the visitors were as arrogant as to drive their cars right on the green meadows, thus avoiding the 7 km walk from the village to the lake and back. Honestly, some people have no shame :( We have decided to avoid coming here anymore on the weekends and to try to organize our hikes to more popular trails on workdays, when possible. Or maybe I'm getting misanthropic with age?

A sneakpeak to my new sweater, finished after two months and a half of slow knitting.

I liked how the sheep had gathered around the owner as if he was reading them the newspaper :)
A nightingale?

Military orchid, beautiful wild flower, characteristic for this region

A whole bunch of them are just coming to bloom


  1. Толкова е красив този зелен килим от млада прорасла трева!