Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Burda Polar Fleece Jacket

Recently I've been more in a home-improvement and gardening mode and I kind of lost my sewing, not to mention my knitting, mojo. Still, I made one of my Make Nine projects - the Burda 6337 jacket.

This pattern had been long on my list and in my head I always saw it made out of polar fleece, something similar to a tourist RTW jacket I have and still wear a lot.

My original idea was to make the pattern for Gaby in a polar fleece fabric i recently bought for her. But in order to test the pattern, I decided to make an wearable muslin first, out of a huge fleece sweater of my husband, which he doesn't like and wear.

I'm happy I decided to test the pattern first, as it gave me a good feel for the fit and the look of the final garment and in the end made me realize that, though I enjoy my jacket, I will not use the pattern for Gaby's jacket, as this is not exactly the look I am after.

Pattern: Burda 6337
Size: 36, shortened
Fabric: polar fleece, used
Time to make: one week

Some notes and modifications: The sizing is a bit off, the jacket is too big on me and though I'm a 36 according to Burda tables, size 34 would have been a better fit. Because I was using an old sweater, I could not make the original sleeves of the jacket and had to improvise with the material I had - thus my sleeves have a seam along the center and are based on another Burda jacket. 


One of the features of the jacket I do not particularly like is the collar - just not my style, I think. I would prefer a hood or a higher cowl. And a minor last note - the inside part of the pocket would be better made out of the main fabric. I made both parts of the pockets out of the lining fabric, but the pockets are too thin and cold for keeping my hands in during hikes, so a warmer fleece pocket would be more desirable.

I already wore the jacket during our hike to Dupevitza and it proved really warm and comfortable, so I am actually quite happy to have used the fleece material from the discarded husband's sweater. Still, I'm in search for the best fleece jacket pattern for the planned Gaby's jacket.

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