Saturday, April 17, 2021

Vrana 2021

I've been absent from the blog for awhile lately. There isn't really much to blog - we've been very, very busy with some "minor" beatification repair works on the apartment, which we are carrying out ourselves. And as usual, these small things like painting ceiling and walls, assembling furniture, cleaning and tidying up storage places, sawing tablecloths and curtains and other such similar trifles take all of our energy and spare time and I haven't sewn clothes or knitted for whole two weeks. 

On another note, it seams spring has been cancelled this year and the weather is nasty, rainy and cold almost all of the time. Last Sunday was a rare exception - though still fairly cold for April, it was pleasant and sunny and we went to park Vrana - one of our favourite places in the city, and spent three very pleasant hours there, walking, talking and enjoying the beautiful grounds. The decorative trees, like the magnolias, sakuras and rhododendrons are still waiting for warmer days and almost nothing was in bloom, so we plan to come back a month later.

A few pictures from our visit to Vrana this year:

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