Saturday, December 28, 2019

My 50th in Athens

About three months ago, at the beginning of October, I turned 50. As traveling is what I love most, husband and I decided to celebrate it in Athens. We've been to Greece several times, but only in the northern part of the country and the Greek capital had been on my to visit list forever. So, we booked a flight, rented an airbnb apartment and on the very day of my birthday we flew to the ancient city - the best birthday ever!!!

Of course, the first thing we did after we left our luggage at the apartment, was to climb to the Acropolis! Despite that it was October, it felt very much like summer in Athens.

:The Theater of Dionysus

: The Amphitheater
: The Erechtheion
: The Parthenon

: A view to the city and the Lycabettus Hill with the church on top, which we climbed later that day

: The Ancient Agora seen from the Acropolis

: A view to the Acropolis and Piraeus port from the Lycabettus hill. While we were climbing up the hill, a storm came suddenly upon us and it was probably our fastest climb in recent years:) We found shelter from the rain in the church on top of the hill, together with a  motley crew of other tourists. The rain lasted only some 10-15 minutes and the sun was up and shining over the city again. It was very interesting to observe the sunny Piraeus in the distance and the rainy clouds moving over Athens.

: The National garden. I liked it a lot. We love spending time in parks and gardens, when we travel abroad.

: The Parliament. We watched the change of the guards, which is a lengthy and a bit bizarre spectacle

: On the second day of our stay, we took the train to Piraeus and walked around the port, the marina and the beach.

: In the afternoon we returned to Athens and climbed the beautiful Filopappou Hill, which provides great views over the entire city and the Acropolis across.

: Syntagma square and the main shopping street - Ermou.

: Our airbnb flat was on a small crossing of Ermou, right next to Monastiraki square, at the heart of Athens and next to the major historical sites. This is definitely the best airbnb accommodation we've had so far, with the most kind and hospitable hosts, we were so lucky!

: We started our last day in Athens with the Ancient Agora.

: The Temple of Hephaestus

: After all the site-seeing, in the afternoon we decided to roam about the different central residential areas of the city, to get a better feel of Athens.

:Plaka and its charming street cafes and restaurants

: The area of the anarchists

: The posh Kolonaki area
: Street bazaars
: The Zappeion

: The Temple of Olimpian Zeus

: Late Greek dinner on our balcony - tomatoes, olives and grapes from Monastiraki market, feta cheese and my new favourite brand of beer. And yes, not only was our flat right in the center of the city, with a view to the Acropolis, but it had an enormous terrace with a summer garden! Did I mention this was the best birthday ever!!!


  1. A very belated Happy 50th!

    Looks like an amazing trip - such a fantastic way to celebrate.

    From 2 years in, I think the 50s are probably my favourite decade - quite liberating, less pressured, less worry about what others think.

    1. Thank you so much! I think I started to enjoy my age around mid 40s, when I began to feel old enough to know my own mind and still young, energetic and adventurous :)

  2. What an awesome trip! Glad you celebrated your 50th the way and where you wanted!

    1. Thank you! The older I get, the more I appreciate following my own preferences and desires.

  3. All the places are very beautiful. Love to see through your blog...
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