Sunday, December 15, 2019

Lulin, Dupevitza December 2019

We hiked one of our favourite round trails today - in Lulin mountain, to its summit Dupevitza, through Dobrinova skala peak, by the peculiar All Saints Chapel and back to the parking lot. The length of the trails is about 10 km, 3 hours hike with a picnic and photo break. The weather was sunny and very warm for December - 12C down in the city. Gaby is still fighting a stomach virus, so just the two of us.

: Vitosha
: And Rila

: On Dupevitza

: The sea of mountain peaks of Kraishte

: Dobrinina skala and the black haze over Sofia - the quality of the air during this winter is abysmal :(

: All Saints Chapel


  1. Hope your daughter gets well soon.

    1. Thank you! She's up and running again, but it was a difficult one week of severe stomach pain for her :(