Sunday, August 18, 2019

Bosnek 2019

Yesterday was a day for major home repairs - husband and I changed the panels of the suspended ceiling in the bathroom. It may sound easy-peasy and we naively did imagine it to be that, but it turned out to be A LOT of work - almost all of the new panels had to be cut to fit the openings (without the tools construction companies use), the light fixtures had to be installed in the new panels, some construction foam was involved to repair gaps in the ceiling that were revealed once the old panels were dismantled and on, and on. Plus all the cleaning afterwards ...
Anyway, suspecting that we'll be pretty busy in the afternoon (it took us until midnight), in the morning we decided to go on an easy hike to one of our most favourite of all places - Bosnek, a village at the southern skirts of Vitosha. And I'm glad we did - we came back home from the 10 km hike energized and ready to take on the bathroom :)

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  1. That totally sounds like a big job and kudos to you both for tackling that. Loved seeing the tunnel of trees and the butterflies on your hike.