Monday, July 15, 2019

Bistritza - Aleko 2019

The weather forecast for Saturday was rain and thunderstorms from 15:00 pm on, so we decided to go to the mountain outpost nearest to us - the village of Bistritza, starting early in the morning and returning before the rain. We climbed from Bistritza to Aleko last year and I had liked the path a lot. This time - not so much. The rain and sun this spring and summer had let the open part of the path to be overgrown with raspberry bushes and other grasses and it was not very pleasant to fight our way through. I'm short and it was an issue for me, as the vegetation was up to and above my head and I had to protect my face from the stems and leaves. Still, I'm very glad we went up and had a good exercise that will keep me energized for the week ahead.

Trail info: 16 km, 910 m elevation gain, 4 hours and 40 min total, including a lunch break.

BTW, the weather forecast was right and it did start to rain about 15:30 pm :)

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  1. I sure liked that stream and the bridge. You say you're short but you don't look it to me. I'm only 5' and 3/4". If you had trouble fighting through the overgrown, oh boy, imagine me ^__^ trying to do what you did.