Saturday, December 29, 2018

Belite Brezi, Vitosha

Just a couple of photos from today's hike on Vitosha. We climbed from the outskirts of Boyana to Belite Brezi hut, had our late lunch there and headed back to the car. The trail was all covered in ice and the walk was quite an exercise, trying to tread carefully and keep our balance. Still, it was nice to be outside, to breathe the fresh mountain air and have a long chat with husband and Gaby. But though I had my camera and my phone with me, both stayed put in my backpack, as I was afraid I could break them if I slipped and fell on the ice (which I thankfully didn't, not once).

Our last hike for 2018, I hope we'll have many and more in 2019:

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  1. Are you on IG? Missy (msmedge) is an outdoorswoman like you and goes on snow hikes and the like.