Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Mini Skeins

Back in April I dyed two 50 g balls of Alize Superwash in a two-tone dyeing experiment. I thought of knitting two pair of socks out of them, with body of the socks in one color and toes, heel and rib in the other color and vice versa. But then I felt like knitting a pair of knee-high socks and that idea was an excuse to overdye the balls into miniskeins of 10 g each to make a pair of colorful socks.

I kept a small skein of each initial colorway and overdyed the remaining 40 g of each ball into 4 skeins, adding colors to some, fully immersing in a dyebath others, twisting and partially dyeing yet others. In other words I had a lot of fun :)

Above the skeins are divided into the two groups that were created out of each initial colorway.
And this is the order in which  I plan to knit the socks

I'll start from the knee and knit my way down until I run out of yarn. I'll try to knit two socks at a time, but if that is too cumbersome, I might just measure the yarn (I have a very precise small scale) and knit half of each skein, cut and move to the next color.

I enjoyed so much dyeing these skeins that I'm thinking I might actually do a serious project - a shawl, cardigan or sweater, using miniskeins. But let me first knit these socks :)


  1. These are so fun on how they had come out. Can't wait to see them in action.

  2. Love how those came out and became socks!! I hope you will continue dying yarn - you definitely have an eye for color!