Sunday, July 30, 2017

Coral Jeans Handbag

For me this summer is the summer of rediscovering sewing. I'm beginning to enjoy the planning, drafting, cutting, basting and finally sewing the pieces of textile to produce an item.
This is my second bag made of old jeans and I'm planning a third one and a small backpack. I'm on a roll :)

I made this bag for Gaby, using her old coral jeans. And I do mean old! - she was 5-6 years old, when she wore these. I tried to find a picture of hers in these jeans but I couldn't. But then we didn't have a digital camera and instead of thousands of pictures per year I only took max a hundred of the most interesting occurrences in our lives, so I've missed the jeans :)
Luckily, it was the fashion of very flared trousers and I had enough material for a bag and I'll probably use the rest of the textile for another project bag for my knitting. Or I might make a mixed color jeans hand bag, we'll see.

Some technical details: I drafted the pieces for the bag myself, it's easy: two rounded rectangles for the body of the bag, two rectangles for the bottom (it's made thick and double for durability), two triangles for the sides and a long rectangle for the handle. All of the jeans parts are reinforced with fusible.

For the decoration of the bag I took the original pockets of the jeans. The only new materials are the metal parts, the zipper, the fusible and the lining.

The bag is lined with ranforce cotton. It has one big pocket.

As a finishing detail I added the small brand label of the jeans. I'm really proud of how this bag turned out :)


  1. You are a MacGyver! How smart to upcycle those jeans into a purse. I have three pairs of jeans I have been planning to give away to charity but sometimes I think I might keep them to practice with for sewing.

    1. Good idea, you might try to make yourself an easy project bag for your knitting, like these:
      I use mine all the time and I need to make more of these (for my many unfinished projects :)