Monday, August 8, 2016

Peak Ibur, Rila Mountains

On Saturday husband and I climbed peak Ibur (2666 m) on Rila Mountains. We were together with the FB climbing group we join sometimes, we even got the group bandanas (pretty useful things, it turned out).

From Sofia we drove to Belmeken dam and athletic base, where we left the cars and began the hike.

The weather was hot, but cloudy and the climb was difficult and very steep most of the times. The cumulative elevation gain for this hike was 610 m.

Having a rest on a small meadow after the first steep hill

Belmeken Dam, one of the big high mountain dams on the Balkan peninsula

The Tooth Peak (Zubcheto)

After the Tooth the trail passes through one of Rila's high plateaus - my most favourite part of the hike. The views were amazing!

Peak Ibur. The climb was again quite steep and intense

Sort of a panoramic view of the peaks around Ibur

Almost on top with a view to lake Ibur at the foot of the peak

Feeling on top of the world

A short rest, some lunch and down the same path back to Belmeken. The way down is so much easier!

A look back at Ibur Peak again

A herd of horses

Dam Belmeken again. In the afternoon the clouds dispersed and the sun was shining over the peaks

The Tooth Peak in the distance

The wall of Belmeken Dam


  1. You are fabulous! I love all of this hiking you do. I really want our crew to do more trail walking around our area.

  2. Thank you for sharing so many photos! I feel like I am travelling with you!!