Saturday, May 28, 2016


Today's hike was quite leisurely, almost a walk in the park, short and easy - a traverse from Zlatnite mostove to Kopitoto and back. Kopitoto is one of the lower peaks on Vitosha, only 1345 m. It is situated low and right above the city, which is probably the reason why the tv tower for Sofia region was built there.

A hut near the Zlatnite mostove

There were swarms of insects in these lower parts of the mountain, 
it's time to take out the repellents.

A view to Lulin mountain and the town of Pernik in the distance

The Tv tower, I know, obviously :)

A common finch. I don't know if it is because of the nice and sunny weather 
after another week of rains, but the finches were singing their hearts out, 
with gusto and almost no fear of the humans around

Sofia. It is amazing to see the town from above, but not from too high above -
 the individual buildings and streets are distinctly visible

We sat on the rocks and had a cup of homemade 
coffee and biscuits, enjoying the view

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  1. What a beautiful cozy place! I just love, love, love your family trips! If only I could get my hubby out of his office more often!