Sunday, May 22, 2016

Boyana Falls 2016

After several very cold, very gloomy cloudy and rainy days the sun was shining again this morning and we packed our backpacks and went to the Boyana Falls. Today's hike was a repeat of a hike husband and I did last year - from Dragalevtzi to Boyana lake, then Boyana Waterfalls and back. April and May are the best months to visit the waterfalls after the spring melting of the snows on Vitosha, so when we have nothing special planned we usually go to the falls. Today Gaby was free and came with us too.

The beech forests of Boyana are among my favourite forests, especially in spring

A view to Sofia

The secret garden - a divinely beautiful meadow with wild flowers and a view to the TV tower on Kopitoto peak

The Boyana lake

and one of its many noisy inhabitants

Petrovska river, a tributary to Boyana river

And the Boyana waterfalls again. We had our picnic here, with a front view to the falls :)


  1. Such a beautiful location! The waterfalls are spectacular.