Saturday, March 19, 2016

Manastirishte 2016

Today husband and I made a short hike to one of our favourite places - Peak Manastirishte on Plana mountain. Down in the city we've been enjoying spring weather and trees in bloom for three weeks now and I expected blossoming wild plum trees and grassy paths on Plana. But as we drove up to the village of Plana, the landscape changed and to our surprise, though Plana is a relatively low mountain, in the village and on the mountain winter had not given up its reign yet. The paths were very wet and muddy from the melting snow, there were plenty of amazingly beautiful purple crocuses and no trees in bloom. The day was sunny and the path - lonely, we had a very relaxing hike.

: The village of Plana in the distance and the much higher Vitosha in the background

: The snow covered ridges of Vitosha

:The willows are budding

:The muddy track and peak Marchin kamak in the distance

:Lots of small birds chirped and flew over the fields

:Three common buzzards circled in the sky in search of prey

:The old abandoned house on the crossroad to Manastirishte

:Peak Manastirishte

:Hellebores on the peak

:The chapel on top of the peak

:A queer collection of picnic furniture :)

:Crocuses on top of the peak

:The peak pyramid

:A field of crocuses and Vitosha in the distance

:Back to the village along the alternate path, which closes the circle

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