Friday, October 2, 2015

WIP: Wildflower Cardigan

I haven't blogged about knitting for a very long time :( It does happen often to me in the summer - I cast on projects, then lose interest and drop them or just can't find time to knit. The same story every summer.
This summer I cast on a cotton cardigan from Sabrina Magazine, knit the two sleeves and almost the entire back and decided I didn't like it, so I left it as it is until next spring or summer.
After almost a month's hiatus from knitting I cast on a lightweight wool cardigan for autumn - Wildflower Cardigan by Alana Dakos. The yarn is Alize Cashmira Fine, which I hand dyed last autumn. So far I love the result, I've knit the two fronts and the back, the neckband and the two buttonbands. I have only 900 m of yarn and I could never repeat the same dyeing process with the same outcome, so 900 m will have to suffice. The body ate 2/3 of the yarn, the remaining 1/3 should be enough for 3/4 sleeves.

Although my yarn is quite thin and I'm knitting with 2.5 mm and 3 mm needles, I couldn't get anywhere near the gauge, so I'm making (again) my own calculations and using only the general idea of the design.

 I believe this is my first cardigan with pockets. I love them - aren't they really beautiful and cute!


  1. These pockets are terrific. One's eye is definitely drawn to them.

  2. Получил се е красив меланж, а джобовете са ефектно допълнение към жилетката.Очаквам в близко време да видя демонстрацията на завършената жилетка.