Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spasova Mogila

It was a very sunny and warm mid-February day today (most unusual for these latitudes, but this winter has so far been most unusually warm) and we decided to take a trip we've been planning last year, but never made - to the village of Baylovo (43 km from Sofia in the heart of the Sofia plateau) and Spasova Mogila - a small hill near the village. Baylovo is the birthplace of one of the most beloved Bulgarian writers - Elin Pelin, and Spasova Mogila is known for the short story he wrote about a traditional walk up this hill to the small chapel there and the supposedly healing magic of the place on St. Spas's Day.
It was a great day! So quiet, so lonely and so lovely, we enjoyed the 10 km walk from the center of the village to the chapel and back immensely! The path passed through the fields of freshly sprouted crops, the air smelled of moist earth and green.

Gaby is demonstrating her matching outfit :)))

Some of the crops were green-yellow and some grass-green, but up close botanically they looked quite similar. I wish I knew what these crops were, in my heart I'm a country girl, I enjoy fields and nature so much, and to my shame I know so little :(

The village of Baylovo seen from the fields:

Freshly ploughed ground:

St. Spas's Chapel - very small, humble and lonely on top of the hill:

The southern part of the hill was covered with yellow and violet crocuses:

Baylovo - houses and Elin Pelin's museums.