Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Going further backwards through our photos, I've reached the first stop of our journey - the town of Lovech. I hadn't been to Lovech before and was very curious to see the symbol of the town - the covered bridge over the Osam river, built in 1874 by Kolyo Ficheto.
We parked the car at the designated parking lot downtown and the first thing we saw climbing out of the car was - ha! - here's the bridge, right next to the parking lot, no need to search for it :)

We crossed the river along the new bridge, to have a better look at the covered bridge from the outside, and entered into the old town of Lovech - Varosha. Lovech is best known as the center of the revolutionary organization, built by Vassil Levski. We visited the museum of Vassil Levski and the church of the notorious priest Krustyo Nikiforov.

The wall of the church and the steps to the fortress:

The old town - Varosha, with its preserved Renaissance houses, built on the hill above the river:

The impressive monument of Vassil Levski on the hill above town:

A view of the town from the fortress hill:

The partially reconstructed medieval fortress of Lovech - a major town during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and one of the last to be conquered by the Ottoman army:

Old houses in Varosha:

One of the entrances of the covered bridge:

and outside the bridge:


  1. What a nice place to visit. You are so knowledgable!

  2. Люблю я такие места!!!Красиво!!!