Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I finished my Menemsha Pullover last night! Just a teaser photo, I'm too busy with work this week, so the proper photo session will be a bit postponed. I started this sweater last September, according to my Ravelry notes, and it was probably a good thing, because the lacy cabled yoke took knitting forever. The design of the sweater is by Angela Hahn and it is probably one of the most ingenious little summer sweaters I've seen, I'm so happy with it. But no pain - no gain :))) The yoke is a slog, painfully slow knitting, requiring some concentration. It's a miracle I didn't make any mistakes, that is none that I am aware of :)))
So, a row or dozen knitted from time to time, on Sunday, even to my surprise :), the yoke was done. I steam blocked it, sew the sleeves (mattress stitch)  and picked up the stitches for the body, following my own preliminary calculations. And then it went like a breeze - on Monday the body was knitted and I started the double brim. Because I had some 110 g for the body, I knitted the brim, until I had only enough yarn for bind off. Neat, I love it when I have no yarn left :)))
The yarn is a linen and viscose mixture, very pleasant to knit. I'd love to use it again next summer.

And with Menemsha finished my WIP list is now empty! I have quite a lot of stashed yarn, but of course, none of it is suitable for my next project - an ombre cotton sweater. I've been nourishing this vague idea to follow the trend and knit an ombre sweater, similar to this American Eagle open lace thing. Still not sure if I prefer it in cold grey tones or more orangy. And another evidence that great minds think alike - this week I saw an ombre sweater on one of the blogs I started following recently. Browsing back, it turned out that Cler had in mind the same AE sweater! and the same deliberations that I now face - structured lacy and cabled sweater, that would take a long time to knit, but would probably be worth it, or simple stockinette stitch sweater, that would be a piece of cake and bliss for tv knitting. I still wonder ....

And a new technique I came upon today - Twister Garter Cuff:
This is so clever, I want to try it on a pair of socks or gloves.


  1. Yippee on finishing the summer sweater! Also, that ombre idea is really cool.

  2. I can't wait to see that Menemsha sweater on you - it's such a gorgeous design, and you always do such beautiful work!