Friday, July 20, 2012

Green Belt

This is the transformation of the second pair of cheap earrings I bought last month -
another crocheted ring belt.

This time I decided that the variation in ring sizes added enough interest, so the belt was done in one color and without breaking the yarn. First I crocheted consecutively only one half of all the rings and on the return I closed the rings.

The connection between the rings is a chain stitch and a slip stitch on the way back:

I'm linking this post to Linda's Creative Friday, where you can find plenty more FO this week!

In the end I'd like to invite you to visit Rinako's amazing giveaway. 
Isn't that yarn just gorgeous!


  1. Гениална идея! :D :D :D Страхотно се е е получило!

  2. Всё гениальное-просто!!!Стильный пояс!

  3. That is so clever. I love your belt.