Monday, April 2, 2012

The Red Car Greeting Card

This is a short photo tutorial on how to make a cross stitch greeting card.

First, of course, you need the cross stitch. For this greeting card for my nephew (remember, his birthday is due soon :), I've chosen a fairly complicated pattern, which I like immensely - the Red Car Parked by Permin of Copenhagen. It has several colors, single and double stranded stitches, lots of back stitch in different colors - a real miniature.

Here's a short stop motion movie I made on the making of the cross stitch picture:

Then you also need a transparency sheet, regular and decorative scissors, a ruler, a cutter, two sheets of colored cardboard size A4, white sheet of paper (for the greeting), multi purpose glue:

Fold the first sheet of colored cardboard in half, measure and cut the window opening for the picture, cut the edges with the decorative scissors:

Measure and cut a piece of transparency sheet and glue it carefully to the opening:

Carefully gauge the position of the cross stitch picture into the opening and then glue the edges of the cross stitch to the transparency piece:

Cut the second sheet of colored cardboard about a centimeter smaller than the half of the card and carefully glue it to seal the cross stitch picture:

Cut a piece of white sheet, write your greeting and glue it to the card:

Your unique card is ready to bring joy to someone special for you:


  1. Love the card and love the crosstitch!

  2. I'm a big fan of cross stitch (it was my first craft love) and your card is wonderful!

  3. What a wonderful labor of love! I admire your precision and patience!!

  4. What a great card. It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing, you have given me a few ideas.

  5. Very pretty card, a real work of art.

  6. Very cool! I loved the video. Happy Birthday to your nephew ♥

  7. Представянето на бродерията и оформянето й са невероятни! Поздравления за идеята! Много ми хареса!