Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On My Needles - Another Joy

Remember last summer I knit a XS size Kim Hargreaves's Joy for my daughter - and she loved it! And so did my mother - so when she asked me to knit one for her too, I was only happy to oblige.

This is probably one of the best summer cardigan designs I've encountered and I am seriously considering knitting one for me, or probably a Christina, for a change :)

I'm loving it so far - the texture is beautiful and the feel of the knit is like velvet. I'm using my usual yarn of choice for the summer - a cotton-acrylic blend in light grey:


  1. Nice! This is such a great pattern - I love the one I made!

    1. Just checked yours on Ravelry - so beautiful in ecru!

  2. That is a seriously gorgeous sweater! Your daughter and mom are very lucky to have such a generous knitter in their lives!

  3. I love it beautiful:)

  4. Beautiful! There is nothing better than getting a knit request!

  5. Жилетката ще стане чудна! Моделът много ми харесва!

  6. Perfect color! Gorgeous summer sweater. I want one lol

    I followed you from WIP Wednesdays and here is my WIP: